Liners and Trays

You've dried figs, made yogurt, and raised bread. You'd like to try fruit leather or jerky--maybe even cake decorations. But will your mesh tray liners work? What if you want to give your dehydrator trays a thorough cleaning and disinfecting? And you really prefer parchment paper sheets to dry delicate frosting.

You have options.

When you have runny stuff like pureed fruit, yogurt mixtures, or frosting, use ParaFlexx™ Premium and Ultra tray liners on your dehydrator trays. Set your ParaFlexx™ tray liners on top of the mesh screen and pour on the puree. When it's dry, peel it right off the non-stick tray liners. Your dehydrator trays stay clean, and you can wash and reuse the tray liners!  Or try ParaFlexx™ Disposables. Use these quality parchment paper sheets once and toss them. But don't stop there: these silicone tray liners and parchment paper sheets are great for baking and candy-making!

If you've ever handled raw meat, you know you have to be careful to avoid harmful bacteria. You want dehydrator trays that are able to withstand high temperatures, vigorous cleaning, and thorough disinfection. You want our 100% stainless steel dehydrator trays. Just use the tray alone--you don't need tray liners or parchment paper sheets on these dehydrator trays.

Use disposable parchment paper sheets to line the bottom of your dehydrator to catch drips.





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